Self-taught Front End Developer,

School-taught Systems Engineer

I build websites with a focus on responsive design and accessibility.


Hello, I'm Jemima Abu 🙂

I'm a self-taught Front End Developer and school-taught Systems Engineer from Nigeria.

I've been building websites since 2017 with a focus on responsive design, accessibility and pleasing aesthetics.

I've spoken at multiple international conferences on a variety of topics ranging from web accessibility to career development.

I also write articles and I have my works published on Medium, Hashnode, freeCodeCamp, CSSTricks and Envato Tuts .

Featured Projects 💻

I do most of my work under contract but I tend to freelance from time to time or build projects for fun. Here are some of my most recent commercial projects:

Trainella yoga website


I built this project for a client after attending her yoga class. She wanted a WordPress site with a more custom layout so I used an existing WordPress theme and tweaked it with about 500 lines of additional CSS.

  • Wordpress
  • CSS
  • HTML
UNILAG Consult Cybercamp Website

Unilag Consult Cyber Camp

I was contracted to build the website for the University of Lagos Consult Cyber Camp. It was a 10-page project that I worked on with a team of one other person and it took us a rather hectic two days to design and launch.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
Jemima Abu: Self Taught Developer, School Taught Engineer

My Portfolio

This is the fourth version of my portfolio website. With this version, I wanted to keep the code as basic as possible but still make the site interactive so all the animations and transitions on the page are done with vanilla JavaScript and CSS.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Featured Talks 🎤

I like to speak at tech conferences on a variety of topics ranging from web accessibility to career development. Here are videos from my past talks:


CityJS Conf 2020

Understanding Accessibility as a Concept

CascadiaJS 2020

State Management for React Applications

React Live Conference Online

Redux Middleware for React Applications


Defining A Career Path in Technology

Women Tech Network

React Components and How To Style Them

React Summit 2020

Featured Articles 🗒

I write the type of articles I would want to read when trying to understand a new concept or develop a skill. Here are some things I've written recently:

How To Learn JavaScript

How To Learn JavaScript

In this article, we'll discover what JavaScript is, what it's used for, and recommend some courses to help you start your JS learning journey.

A Beginner's Guide To Creating A Portfolio Website

I Helped 6 Developers Set Up Their Portfolio Website. Here's What I Learned.

In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about setting up your portfolio site - from choosing a domain name to deploying the site online.

Handling Scroll Based Animation With Vanilla JavaScript

Handling Scroll Based Animation With Vanilla JavaScript

In this article, we'll explore how to implement a scroll-based styling on a page using native methods in vanilla JavaScript and CSS and how to optimize these methods for accessibility and performance.